Making Democracy Work


Transportation (Consensus 1996)

LWV Falmouth supports

Promotion of a local transportation network and taking action on issues relating to the Steamship Authority as they affect Falmouth

  • Limitation of growth of ferry service originating from Falmouth
  • Reservation-only services, particularly for auto transport and parking
  • Use of fare structures which encourage solutions to traffic problems
  • Capping of ferry passenger parking in Falmouth at 3385 (1994 Selectmen's position.)
  • Links between intermodal public transportation
  • Programs which encourage passengers to leave their cars at home
  • Development of town objectives and performance standards for Steamship Authority planning and operations
  • Local governance of Steamship Authority as it exists.
  • Steamship Authority compliance with local and regional land-use regulations.
  • Study of alternate mainland ports for service to the Islands

LWV of Falmouth Opposes:
  • Parking away from limited access highways and in zones of contribution or water recharge zones
  • Development of a third operational slip in Woods Hole
  • Replacement of existing vessels with larger capacity vessels