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Library Board of Trustees

Library Board of Trustees

Jennifer Alai, Observer

Introduction: The Falmouth Public Library Board of Trustees is an elected 7 member board of citizen volunteers. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:45 PM. The current Board, their positions and term expiration years are: Lysbeth A. Abrams, Chair [2019] Marilyn G. Zacks, Vice Chair [2018] Jerome S. Fanger, Treasurer [2018] Lindsay M. Hopewood, Corresponding Secretary [2020] Judith L. Fenwick, Recording Secretary [2020] Kathleen H. Murray [2018] Sylvia L. Szulkin [2019] Linda E. Collings (Library Director) and Jennifer Woodward (Assistant Library Director, started in September) also attend the meetings.

Overview: I attended the following meetings of the Falmouth Library Board of Trustees: July 11, August 8, September 12, November 14, December 11, 2017 and February 13, 2018. I was unable to attend the October meeting and missed the January 9, 2018 meeting. The meeting minutes through December, 2017 are posted on the Falmouth Public Library website. Judy Fenwick is a new member of the Board. She is meticulous about the accuracy of the minutes. The Board follows the Open Meeting Law. The Board is very respectful of each other and of visitors, and follows Robert's Rules of Order to conduct their meetings. Each meeting includes a report from: the Friends of the Falmouth Public Library, each of the Officers, the Committees (Policy, Resource, and Building and Grounds), the Assistant Library Director and the Library Director.

Current Topics: East Falmouth Library Branch is in the process of making upgrades to the library grounds. A children's reading garden, that could include seating with tables, and a small amphitheater are proposed. A landscape architect will produce (pro bono) some basic renderings of the new areas for consideration. Improvements to the ADA accessible parking spaces in front of the library have been completed. New Building for the North Falmouth Library Branch has been re-sited in response to the report that the Indian Burial ground to the south of the current building may contain as many as 100 graves. The new location is to the west and overlooks Cedar Lake. No plans have been finalized.