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Falmouth in Focus

Know Your Town from The League of Women Voters of Falmouth is all about Falmouth, Massachusetts.

2010 Fifth Edition, League of Women Voters of Falmouth

Falmouth Town Hall


The League of Women Voters of Falmouth was established in 1954 and its first publication was "Falmouth Fore and Aft." The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan national organization that grew out of the suffragette movement. It is based on the belief that the right to vote must be accompanied by responsible, informed and active participation in government. Membership is open to men and women who support the purpose of the League and who are citizens of voting age.

This edition was produced by the following committee members of the League of Women Voters: Chairman Deborah Siegal, Jayne Abbott, Joan Boyer, Alice Carey, Marcia Easterling, Doris Epstein, Judy Fenwick, Sallie Giffen, Barbara Kanellopoulos, Richard Payne and Judy Stetson.

We dedicate this fifth edition to all those who have served as President of the League of Women Voters of Falmouth.

Table of Contents

I. Falmouth Past and Present

Incorporated in 1686 as Suckanessett, Falmouth contains about 44 square miles

II. Commonwealth & County

Falmouth is part of Barnstable County, which was established in 1685

III. Town Government

Falmouth has a Selectman/Representative Town Meeting form of government with a Town Manager

IV. Finances

V. Land Use

The challenge of preserving open space, providing recreational facilities and protecting the environment is never-ending.

VI. Recreation

VII. Protection

The Police Department, The Fire Rescue Department, the Harbor Master, and the United States Coast Guard protect Falmouth.

VIII. Health & Human Services

IX. Education

X. Science

Woods Hole is home to several prestigious scientific institutions.

XI. Cultural Activities

XII. Telephone Numbers