Making Democracy Work

LWVF Board of Directors

Meet Our Team

Margaret Cooper, Legislative Chair

Margaret is a long time member

Alice Carey, At-Large

Alice has been our Voter Service Chair

Denise Morreale, Observer Corps Chair

Live in North Falmouth Village. Chair of the Observer corps, bulletin reporter and editor. Member of League since early 1990s. Was on committee of study which produced Children in Focus, was on transportation committee.

Joanne Voorhis, Treasurer

My husband and I came to Woods Hole with one baby in 1957. Within five years I had two more babies and was president of the League of Women Voters of Falmouth.
LWV of Falmouth organized as a provisional league in 1955 and within a year or two became a local league and part of the LWV of Massachusetts and the US. Our league was mostly comprised of women in their 40's and 50's plus younger women with small children. Each month the program was presented three or four times (Wednesday and Thursday mornings, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday night) to what were called units.
Early in the 1960's I was sent to speak to the Rotary Club about the Town Manager Form of Government which the LWVF had studied and was supporting. What hubris. How naive.
Based on league experience I ran for Town Meeting Member and served for 35 years. I think I and many other league members served well as TM members, and in elected and appointed town positions. We did our homework, studied the issues and listened to our constituents,
I dropped out of active league participation when I returned to college for teaching credentials. I then worked in the Falmouth Public Schools as an elementary teacher, a psychometrist and elementary assistant principal. Some time after retirement I became treasurer of our local league and continue in that role for now.

Margaret Borden, 2nd Vice President